Registrar's Message

Er. Kapil Kapoor  Contact: (01907) 250011-250407


The employability and employment depend upon the type of education imparted to the future workforce by the Universities. Currently the education is planned fully balanced in terms of quantity and quality, skills and abilities,

knowledge and perception, information and technology & attitude and aptitude for providing useful stakeholders for the future.


As the scope and responsibilities of Universities are expanding more rapidly due to border less world, it is imperative for the Universities to be ready for imparting latest knowledge to their students by remodeling the curriculum and blending the professional & technological education for the overall academic development of the students for creating excellent skilled workforce for the country. Our University is well equipped in all respects to meet this challenge and achieving the aforesaid by employing highly qualified faculty and following the interactive teaching & learning techniques which multiply the world changing ideas.


               Abhilashi University was established in the year 2014 and it has progressed very well. However,the University has earned its name in the country. The university will equip all the students with the wisdom to lead their lives in a righteous and responsible manner. It will offer its students an atmosphere for the development of character with enriched virtues and noble ideals. Hence the system of education in the university will be holistic one which will draw out the knowledge, values and wisdom present in a latent form in the student and synthesis of science and spirituality will be an important component of the whole process. This University will not merely prepare students for earning degrees but will cultivate self-knowledge and self-realization. University education will be integrated harmoniously with ethical, physical, and metaphysical teachings. We will integrate approach of value oriented education through all academic programmes and activities. Our stress will be on character building of the youth and integration of academics with sports, arts, and social service. We will create a spiritual ambiance and disciplined environment in the University campus which is the backbone of any civilized society.Efforts will be made to blend contemporary knowledge with inherited values for societal benefit by inculcating the spirit of self-reliance among students. Our Placement Cell has successfully placed large number of our passed out students in the public and private sector jobs. On the whole, we hope all applicants would seek admission at large numbers and get benefited.