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On the 21stof May 2001, the Abhilashi Education Society appeared like a little star on theeducational horizon of Himachal Pradesh. That little star, now patronage of theAbhilashi University which is shining "like a diamond in the sky."Having acquired the status of University on the 14th August 2014 withPotential for Excellence, today, the University celebrates its 07thFoundation year. Over the years the University has redefined itself keeping inmind the changing trends of the educational system.

Butlet us travel down memory lane and recall how this University was set up. Theefforts for a University for rural society of the Himachal Pradeshwereinitiated as early as 2001 when the Abhilashi Education Society was established.The first milestone was achieved to establish Abhilashi PG College of Educationin 2003 under the patronage of the Abhilashi Education Society, continue tostepping stones in a row like Abhliashi Institute of Management Studies in2005, Abhilashi College of Pharmacy in 2006, Abhilashi Institute of LifeSciences in 2007 and T R Abhilashi Memorial Institute of Engineering andTechnology in 2010. The promoters of the society have seen dream to establishan University of Excellence which was true on 14th August 2014 whenthe Abhilashi University was established by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh vide“Abhilashi University (Establishment & Regulation) Act, 2014”. The locationof the University became an ideal place for study surrounded by the lush greenfields, pine and oak forests.

Prof.H S Banyal, Eminent Professor from the Himachal Pradesh University wasappointed the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. Major (Retd.) J C Patialwasappointed the first Registrar, who worked very closely with Prof. Banyal. TheUniversity has a status of State Private University but what is remarkable isthat the “Promoters made it clear that this status will in no way detract fromthe autonomy of the University and its freedom to organize its teaching andadministration as to embody in them the highest conception of University life”.

TheUniversity has made a significant contribution in the field of highereducation. A peep into the past has many interesting features to reveal itsprogressive and dynamic outlook since its very beginning. The foundations laidfor this University are deep and strong as is amply borne out by the followingextract from the address delivered by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of theUniversity Prof. H S Banyal, on the August 2014 at the meeting of the AcademicCouncil. "This is the first meeting of academic council of the University.It is of happy significance that the first body to meet should be the AcademicCouncil. It helps to emphasize the fact that this University is to be one inwhich academic considerations, academic responsibility, shall always come first.This Council is the academic conscience of the University; and, as the firstperson honored with its Chairmanship, I venture to suggest that today andalways the members may firmly maintain, at whatever cost, the highest standardsand the soundest policy from an academic point of view”.


Abhilashi University at Chailchowk, Mandi is established by the Government of Himachal Pradeshvide Abhilashi University (Establishment & Regulation) Act, 2014”. AbhilashiUniversity is a Government recognizedUniversity with a rightto confer degreesas per Section 2(f) and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956. The campus of the University is located at Chailchowk near Mandi (H.P.) and surrounded by lush green fields, pine and oak foreststhus becomes an idealplace for study in a clean health-oriented environment. The aforesaidwas the forethought for the AbhilashiEducational Society selecting such a beautiful location for the University. Thereare a number of places worth visiting nearby the University such as NachanValley, Jeeuni Valley, Janjehli Valley, Balh Valley, Sundernagar and Mandi towns. One can also enjoy snowfallonce a while during the winterseason. The fresh and pollutionfree air of this region keeps the minds of the students fresh and help them to concentrate on their studiesand beat thecrowd.

The management of the University, Abhilashi Educational Society, is a pioneerin managing private educational institutions in the state ofHimachal Pradesh. Thefoundation stone of the Society was laid byLate Sh. Tulsi Ram Abhilashi Ji on May 21, 2001.

The students and their parents have put faith in the qualityeducation imparted by efficientand dedicated facultyof institutions managedby Abhilashi Educational Societyfor the last 16 years. The Societyis presently running many educational institutions of basic and technicaleducation in the region. It includes: Abhilashi College of Educationat Nerchowk, Mandi established in 2003 and running D.El.Ed and B.Ed., AbhilashiCollege of Pharmacy, Nerchowk, Tehsil Balt, Distt. Mandi from 2006 and onwards admittingstudents for B. Pharmacy Degree Programme; Abhilashi

P.G. Institute of Sciencesat Nerchowk, Tehsil Balt, Distt. Mandi offeringM.Sc. Courses in Physics, Chemistryand Botany, T.R. Abhilashi MemorialInstitute of Engineering and Technology (TRAMIET) established in 2009 impartingeducation in the B. Tech. and Diplomaprogramme in different disciplines of engineering and technology. Abhilashi College of Nursing at Tanda, P.O. Balt, Distt Mandi is imparting education in B.Sc. Nursing, GNM, ANM and Post-Basic B.Sc. Nursingcourses.



Excellence in professional and technical education through dedication andinnovative research.



·       To provide environment for achievingexcellence in education.

·       To create and generate conditions for quality education.

·       To impart qualityeducation through value-based & industry-based  curriculum.

·       To strengthen in humanistic, social and moralvalues.

·       To plant education and qualities of leadership in minds of students forfuture development of the nation.


Abhilashi University aims toimpart quality education to its students by applying modern scientifictechniques. University follows CBCS and Semester System (Annual System forBAMS, BPT and Diploma in Pharmacy) for teaching and evaluation. Each semesterof study has minimum requirement of attendance and pass percentages in theoryand practical examinations. Each course is defined in terms of credit hours forlectures, tutorials and practical classes. A student is registered to eachcourse in the beginning of the programme. The duration of the course is givenunder the respective faculty. Each semester will have mid-term and end-termsemester examinations. Admission to academic session 2021-22 will be based onNational Level/State Level Entrance Test, Combined Entrance Test (AUCET-2021)and on the basis of marks in qualifying examination.


Documentsrequired at the time of Admission:

The followingcertificates/documents (self attested by the candidate) be submitted along withthe admission form:

1.      Three passport sizephotographs.

2.      Matriculationcertificate.

3.      10+2 Examinationpass certificate.

4.      Detailed markssheets of all semesters of graduation in case student is seeking admission inpost graduation programme.

5.      SC/ST/OBCcertificate, if applicable.

6.      Original Charactercertificate from institution last attended. In case there is a gap in studiescharacter certificate issued by Tehsildar/SDO (C) of the area.

7.      Original MigrationCertificate. In case it is not available at the time of admission then thestudent may submit it within one year failing which her/his result will not bedeclared.

8.      An affidavit in casethere is a gap in studies.

9.      Copy of Aadhar Card.

10.  Low income groupcandidate may submit income certificate issued by Tehsildar/SDO (C) foravailing economic benefit.












Sr. No.





Faculty of Ayurveda & Health Science

Abhilashi Ayurvedic College & Research Institute


School of Ayurveda

D. Pharmacy (Ayur.)

School of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

School of Health Science

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology


Faculty of Agriculture

School of Agriculture

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Agriculture

M.Sc. Agriculture (Entomology, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Agriculture Extension, Horticulture (Vegetable Sciences), Agriculture Economics).

Ph.D. in Agriculture

(Plant Pathology, Entomology, Extension Education)

School of Forestry

Bachelor of Science Forestry

School of Veterinary Science

Two Year Veterinary Pharmacist Training Course


Faculty of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy (Allopathy)

Bachelor in Pharmacy (Allopathy)

Master in Pharmacy

(Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy)

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science


Faculty of Engineering & Management



School of Engineering

Bachelor in Technology (CSE)

Master in Technology (CE, ME, CSE)

                     and Part-time(CE, ME, CSE)

Ph.D. in Engineering (CE, ME, CSE)


School of Management

MBA, MBA-Part Time

Ph.D.  Management


Faculty of Education, Humanities & Basic Science

School of Education

B.A. B.Ed., B.Sc. B.Ed., M.A. Education, Ph.D. Education

School of Basic Science

M.Sc. (Mathematics, Zoology),

Ph.D. Zoology

School of Humanities

M.A. Economics, Diploma in Art & Crafts