Vice-Chancellor's Message


Prof. H.S. Banyal 

Ph.No. 01907-292615

Welcometo Abhilashi University at Chail-Chowk, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, aventure in higher education by Abhilashi Education Society. Situated in aserene environment surrounded by Gohar and Balh valleys and nature's paradiseof green lush fields, oak and pine forests make Abhilashi University an idealinstitution to associate with. Abhilashi University is an institution which rearsits students in their mission of literacy and education. University means centreof higher education. It nurtures the individual's ability to interpret, todistinguish between right and wrong, to enhance the appetite for curiosity andto discover the answer to hidden unsolved problems. Education is manifestationof perfection already present in man. The main focus in learning should be tomake the hidden ability of learner manifest. As Vivekananda said, what a man'learns' is really what he 'discovers',

bytaking cover off the human soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.According to Vedanta philosophy, knowledge is inherent in human being, like aspark in a piece of flint and all that is needed is the strike of suggestion tobring it out. Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's ownlegs. Education must be considered as a continuous and lifelong process.Teachers and designers of education system must always keep in mind the Vedantaidea that whatsoever good or bad impressions a mind carries, a human being isessentially pure and divine and repository of immense possibilities. Everyoneshould get equal opportunity to learn and grow irrespective of one's financialabilities. Discovery is the main focus of universities. Universities are tosolve the unsolved issues, to answer the unanswered questions, to encourage theinnovative and imaginative ideas, to nurture a state of mind that is flexibleand alert and to educate the individuals about modesty and humanity. AbhilashiUniversity is synonym with this.

Weat Abhilashi University educate our students and prepare them for a life timeof responsibility with dedication through creation of knowledge by learned andefficient faculty, well equipped laboratories and library. Abhilashi Universityis established with a vision to make quality higher education within reach toaspiring technocrats and to disseminate knowledge to them in their ability tobe job providers instead of job seekers. I assure the young minds joiningAbhilashi University that you will certainly achieve satisfaction in youracademic pursuits to attain future endeavours. Academic environment isimperative to education of naïve technocrats to excel in their skills andAbhilashi University is a lighthouse, well-equipped to impart versatiletraining in disciplines to ensure maximum on-campus placements of its graduates.My best wishes to students and parents who are associated with AbhilashiUniversity.