Pro-Chancellor's Message


Dr. L.K. Abhilashi

Ph. No. 9418056520

Thefast changing world of tomorrow will be an existing and a challenging place tolive, where only people who adapt themselves to the situation, keep face withupcoming technologies and take the ability to align their ideas, thoughts andway of working to changing situation will survive. At Abhilashi university werecognize this need to prepare the students for the challenges of the 21stcentury and to provide an atmosphere which will encourage them to becomelifelong learners and to work in multi cultural, ever changing society. Aseducation and knowledge are paramount to different sections of the society,therefore, the Abhilashi Educational Society has developed a hub of educationalinstitutions in and around Nerchowk town of Mandi district (H.P.)

Majority of the institutions are situated inthe rural area so that the students can get a serene, calm, pollution-freeacademic environment for concentrating in their studies, innovating andbecoming an asset to the society. The other reason for situating and developingthe educational institutions in the rural area, is the pious mission of theAbhilashi Educational Society to improve the quality of life of the ruralpeople by education, employment and other means of entrepreneurship such asopening hostels, paying guest houses, grocery shops, tea shops and other meansof livelihood possible at their thresholds. The vision of Abhilashi University is “Excellence in professional andtechnical education through dedication and innovative research”. Thus toachieve this mission, the University has adopted a very high standard ofeducation which gets reflected through the recognition of the University by theUniversity Grant Commission Inspection Committee and AICTE Expert Committee andthe ratification of the same by the UGC within a period of two years of theestablishment of the University. Further, the standard of the University hasalso been applauded by the other bodies such as PCI, BCI, CCIM and H.P. StatePara Veterinary Council. It is my pleasure to extend warm welcome to all theprospective and aspiring students of Abhilashi University and otherInstitutions of Abhilashi Group and I honestly assure them that they shallshine in their career and beat the crowd of this competitive world.