Books are the food for the students.Abhilashi University has a fully equipped library which runs on automatedsoftware. It is housed in its own building and located centrally in the campus.It feeds to all types of readers by getting issued the books whereas journals,magazines and copies of the articles are for consultation in the library. TheUniversity library is equipped with the text books, reference books andresearch journals of different subjects. Access to online journals is throughINFLIBNET and DELNET. The new relevant books are being added to the librarystock regularly. The regular timings of the library are extended as per thedemands of the students. Another unit of library has been opened in theAbhilashi Ayurvedic College and Research Institute (A Department of AbhilashiUniversity). Library is opened from 10 am to 6 pm daily, except Sundays andnational holidays. All the students, employees and authorities of theUniversity are the members of the library.


Digital library has twenty fourterminals with internet facility.