Chancellor's Message

Dr. R.K. Abhilashi

Contact: +91 9418 006 520

Education is the driving force for effecting change in a person, community, society, and nation. It breaks the barriers of caste, creed, ethnicity and religion by training the minds to think logically; envision, innovate, invent and discover methods for creating a harmonious and sustainable society with skills, positive mindset, knowledge and high values of life. Education being so important,therefore, the mission of the Abhilashi University is “To provide environment for achieving  excellence in education through leadership-based, value- based & industry-based curriculum for the overall development of the minds of students for the future development of the nation in turn”.To achieve the above mission, the University is proactively hiring a highly qualified faculty and developing innovative as well as research oriented infrastructure with an academic atmosphere where the overall personality of the students can be developed in such a way that they have cutting edge in knowledge, skills, innovations, analysis and in independent thinking. 


The Abhilashi University is one of leading Universities of north India which has been successfully approved by the 1st Inspection Committee of the University Grants Commission within two years of its inception. Further, the University has the approval of University Grants Commission under section 2(f) and Section 22 of UGC Act, 1956, Central Council of Indian Medicine, Pharmacy Council of India, Bar Council of India,Himachal Pradesh Para Veterinary Council and Indian Association of Physiotherapists.


It is my pleasure to extend warm welcome to all the prospective and aspiring students of Abhilashi University and other Institutions of Abhilashi Group and I honestly assure them that they will shine in their career, beat the crowd of this competitive world and realize their cherished missions after completing their education from our University and other Institutions of higher learning.